Test of Bluetooth audio Transmitter Ugreen for music or calls in the car

While not everyone has a car recent and modern with all the comfort and technological objects on board. This is my case. And given the few miles I do a year my old Nissan Micra with over 12 years should still serve some time. Holiday on the road I want however a few those who can easily receive a call easily, or get their music from smartphone.

Since the ban on Bluetooth headsets more and more motorists use their built-in system for phone calls from their smartphone on the way. Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth, they can also recover the music stored on their smartphone. To enjoy me also of this evolution Ugreen suggested me to test a Bluetooth receiver that will do the link between my smartphone and the car radio to listen to music or make calls.

Unpacking and setting up

Inside the package we found the adapter, a big button grey and black from which a cable that splits into two parts on the end to lead to a USB socket and a jack socket. The design of the button could have been more successful and is not really very modern. The touch is nice and the rough surface prevents the finger from sliding when you operate the button. A manual is also provided. Good news, it is also in French.

Two tie-down systems are proposed. The one that is fixed using a sticker on any surface that is relatively flat. The other may file on the fins of the heating system or air conditioning of the car. This is the one that we are going to use. In both cases, a rectangle in the back of the adapter is inserted in the socket and ensures that it will not fall, even in the event of a bumpy road.


The fastening system of the ventilation system is efficient and fast. The USB socket is only for power and can be plugged into a cigarette lighter adapter. On the other hand the radio set must necessarily be equipped with a jack TO.

Mise en place

Listening to music

The use of the adapter does not require the use of a special application but only the Bluetooth. Upon connection to the USB socket on the adapter turns research. You can also start it again by turning off and turning on the device with a long press on the home button.


The test of music listening has been done with Deezer and it’s no problem. The transmission of sound is made correctly. You can adjust the volume in three ways with the auto-radio, telephone or directly by making a long press on the two buttons on the side of the adapter. A short press on these two buttons to the right and left buttons to get to the next song or previous song.

Receiving a call

When an incoming call occurs it’s just a single support to answer the call, or double press to reject or hang up. The call quality is very good in reception as in emission. My caller had no problem hearing me. The microphone is placed on the button.

Bouton principal

The cable is long enough to place the adapter right or left side of the steering wheel. Ugreen also allows you to raise a call to the last number with a double-click on the main button.

Conclusion and promo code

Even if the design leaves a few regrets, which is the 5/5, the installation of the system is extremely simple and the connection to the Bluetooth very fast and efficient. No criticism to make on the audio quality or call. It is a good system with a very interesting price.

The price to pay is precisely for 16.99 euros on Amazon, which is quite suitable for this type of product. Ugreen offers to the readers of CNETFrance a code reduction of 10% valid until June 20, inclusive. To enjoy click on this link and enter 4REG4VSY in the summary of payment.

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