The Incredible Family Kardashian is back for season 14, what can we expect from the sequel ?

While the season 14 of The amazing Family Kardashian has been signed, the beginning’ of melty wonder what the show will reserve us for the future. It makes the point !

                                         You love them or hate them, it is the family's most publicized of Los Angeles. Yes, you have necessarily heard of the clan since it's now been nearly 10 years, the Kardashian-Jenner are on our small screen. Day after day, the cameras immerse us in their daily lives is not like the others. Between the births, quarrels, controversies, addictions to illicit substances, but also the good times, the show is a real hit. Distributed in 160 countries, the program inescapable fact the golden days of the american channel E ! and this, to the delight of its viewers. The success of this TV reality is so simple ! The members of the family have decided to show all of their private life and their fans clamouring for more. If some people are critical because many of the scenes look fake and scripted, the show can boast of having always a large crowd behind him. To such a point that a good number of spin-offs have seen the light of day as the popularity of the family has not stopped growing. A success which may well continue in the years to come. For proof, the reality tv show Keeping Up With The Kardashians will indeed be back for season 14 and the shooting has already begun. But then, as we reserve ?</p>                                            <p>This is the question that everyone asks. What may well be talking about season 14 ? If one focuses on the last few episodes that have been aired, the next season should be back on the tense relationship between Kris and Caitlyn Jenner. You are not without knowing that after the release of the book confessions of a former athlete, the atmosphere is not good between the two exs. Is it possible that we have a reconciliation in front of the cameras ? It is hard to know. In any case, this book has not yet finished reacting. Kim Kardashian, the pretty brunette is expected to continue to live a more sober life alongside her husband and children. For his sister, Kourtney Kardashian, the future looks a little more eventful. His ambiguous relationship with Scott Disick is definitely finished and the beautiful Armenian now wants to have some fun and enjoy her single life. She will appear with Younes Bendjima, her new boyfriend ? Very secretive about his life, there is actually little chance of this happening. But you should never say never and this is not Khloé Kardashian that we will say the opposite. As a reminder, at the end of season 13, we left the young woman, and what had halted the contraceptive pill. The latter spoke of his desire to become a mom while her boyfriend Tristan Thompson himself, was willing to have 5 to 6 children with her. A new pregnancy, is it then expected ? Case to follow !</p>  <p>If the love stories of frangines Kardashian will be at the heart of this new season, Rob Kardashian should not be spared either. Especially since we know that Kris Jenner has declared war on Committee Chyna to get the sole custody of the little Dream. The clan is ready to integrate the business within their program ? Wait and see. However, celebrities are full of surprises and it would not be surprising to see Rob Kardashian to succumb again to the charm of Committee Chyna. Then, meet-we the ex-lovebirds together in the season 14 ? Answer in some time ! What is certain is that viewers will not see there A$AP Rocky. Oh yes, the boyfriend of Kendall Jenner prefers discretion and is not intended in any case appear in the program. A decision that one can only understand. Finally, for Kylie Jenner, It Girl could also be more rare. Devoted to his life of business woman, the pretty brunette is quite busy managing his successful business. Anyway, the next season could be just as entertaining as the previous ones. And wait, the fans will still be able to pose in front of an episode of "Life of Kylie", the issuance of Kylie Jenner you have been unveiled there is a bit of a new trailer. And you, are you going to watch the season 14 ? 

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