The Renault Koleos arrives at the dealership : lack of two-seater

At the time of its release, the Renault Koleos first of the name came after the star, the Nissan Qashqai. And this small delay, combined with a design too unattractive for the demanding customers in western Europe, had as a result of turning off the outset the chances of success of the Koleos, despite two restylages. Today, Renault puts everything flat for the coming of the new generation. But is this really sufficient in a market that is much more complicated than in 2008 ?

It is in 2008, that Renault released its Koleos in a market that is very dominated by minivans for the family vehicles. The first SUV come out of the shadows : the Volkswagen Tiguan and especially Nissan Qashqai. Renault rushes into the breach with the Koleos but the renault brand made a fatal error : a style too unattractive. Of course, the design is a matter of taste and very subjective, but it has always had to recognize the timidity of the Koleos, passe-partout, in the face of innovative cars such as the cousin Nissan Qasqhai, or worse, the Nissan Juke in a lower class.

The Koleos is now trying to catch-up with a new pass to the examination. The jury (namely the buyers) will judge it like any other car on two main criteria when buying : the style and the price. It is good, in regard to the first, Renault has made great efforts. It must be said that between 2008 and today, there was the recruitment of a certain Laurens Van Den Acker at the head of the style. We find, therefore, the Koleos decked out with a wide and stretched grille marked by the fires of the day in the shape of a hook, one of the “legs” of the Renault design centre on the latest productions.

Le Renault Koleos arrive en concession : manque deux places

Overall, the Koleos is rather successful in terms of exterior design, but he sins (once again) by a presentation inner, probably too shy. The advantage of this dashboard is relatively “simple” is that the ergonomics are excellent. Everything is easy to access and the controls fall naturally to hand. We will regret simply the materials not always the height of which is done on a Volkswagen Tiguan 2 or a Peugeot 5008 II. Fortunately, the Koleos is generously equipped and the contribution of the finish of the Initial Bets (ultra rich, as you can see) is good for the SUV Renault.

The Koleos displays a large black spot : the absence of a seven-seat version. More imposing and statutory as the Kadjar, it seems, despite everything, a little walk on his flat strips without an alternative seven-seater, something that not all competitors offer…

Le Renault Koleos arrive en concession : manque deux places

Side mechanical, nothing to report since we find the classic Renault, even though the range is quite poor next to the competition. Only two engines are for the time being provided, namely the 1.6-130 and the 2.0-175, both of which are diesels. The few (even if they are more numerous) buyers of gasoline will therefore have to go elsewhere.

The rates of the new Koleos starts at 29 900 €.

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