Belgium puts it “On” ?

The political turmoil that has known the France is it transferable to the belgian system ? A lot of Belgians are asking themselves the question of whether the phenomenon Macron and his movement in The Republic in march could find an echo in their territory.

Interviewed in the belgian newspaper
The Bright, Jean Faniel, director general of the Centre for research and information socio-political (CRISP) has explained that “Belgium has a report to the centre which is quite different from the one that knows France”. For him, “Emmanuel Macron can create a renewal from a central position and a centrist, because France usually has a government, and parties are positioned either to the left or to the right, and this, in a way quite cleaved. The centre appears, then, as the novelty.” A cleavage that Belgium does not know, since coalition governments are “relatively positioned in the center and the centrist parties (…) have long structured the political life”.

The Belgian “run from the recovery policy”

The political novelty that is now France has therefore little chance to be blown in Belgium ? Not necessarily, as the director-general of the CRISP asserts that the fundamental problems are the same : a form of distrust of the traditional parties and the traditional way of doing politics. “The same party is pointing the finger central : the PS. It can be assumed that similar effects will be produced by the same causes.”

Moreover, in a column published in The
Bright, the lawyer Renaud Duquesne has raised the question : “Is it possible that a woman or a man in Belgium is such a craze ?”, his answer is simple : “A priori, yes. But to be credible, that person should be a virgin of a political action marked, or at the very least have a personality that transcends the divisions of the particratie”, he adds. In Belgium too, the voters want the novelty and “flee from the recovery policy”, concludes Renaud Duquesne.

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