Clementine Koh-Lanta misunderstood : “I have received insults, the most terrible that is “

Clementine Koh-Lanta misunderstood : “I have received insults, the most terrible which are” 18/06/2017 at 14:00 Clementine did not think that Koh-Lanta would live a race of violent one social network, where she is violently criticized.

Of his adventure, the finalist returns to it in an interview to “”.

“I’m rather sad that it stops, however I am not upset that the insults stop “, said about his adventure, one that has received hate mail and abusive.
But it hasn’t necessarily been difficult to live with.

“I did not too badly although I would have preferred to live my life with more dignity. I immediately understood that I was going to be the target of the social networks so I am used to it. At the beginning, it was difficult, but now it’s going “.

She explains that it is from the time when she began to oppose Yassin, surely the candidate who is the most popular this season with Vincent and Sebastian, that social networks have begun to unleash.

“From the moment that Yassin was eliminated, and even a little before, when I started to oppose him. There I understood that viewers would not necessarily appreciate me,” she said.

Clementine did not expect obviously not what his adventure will be perceived in this way.

“The image that the show returns to me is faithful in the trials, on the other hand we don’t see three-fourths of my other personality. I feel I have made an adventure of sick, especially from a sporting point of view, so I’m a little disappointed to discover it as well for emissions, but it is the tv, ” she said.
As for the critics, she gets to take the decline.

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