Emmanuel Macron does not want Bridget to be a ” trophy wife “

Emmanuel Macron does not want Bridget to be a “trophy wife” 18/06/2017 at 18:47 For Emmanuel Macron, not a matter of reducing the role of first lady to that of a trophy wife and wants the function of the wife or the girlfriend or finally recognized.

In the meantime, the status of first lady to be formalized, Brigitte Macron-takes-all gently his mark and waits patiently that the opinion is getting used to his role.

The recent visit of the crown Princess of Denmark in Paris on the occasion of a forum of the OECD, has enabled the staging of the first performance of the official wife of the president.
Gala unveils photos of two women and greet a “faultless”.

In its latest edition, Point-of-View is also to honor the first lady in his palace ” by devoting not only the A but also eight pages with beautiful photos.

The two ladies visited the various rooms of the presidential palace and then ” installed in the sofa Louis XV Pompadour “, and the same handshake on the front porch.
For the ambassador of Denmark in France , “it was a warm meeting between two people truly committed to, and a substantive meeting “.
“It was agreed to continue the consultations around common interests,” he know.

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