Enora Malagré returns to its departure from the TPMP : “It is not in Putin “

Enora Malagré returns to its departure from the TPMP : “It is not in Putin” 18/06/2017 at 8:47 At the microphone of “RMC”, Enora Malagré confides about her relationship with Cyril Hanouna, and reminds us, rightly, that despite the tensions the latter in the TPMP, the hellion of C8 is not Putin.

“But is it that I have the air of fear and pay attention to what I say ? I’ve always said what I wanted (…) I have explained the reasons for my departure, which are not necessarily super happy to hear it for Cyril.
It let me do that, and he sent me a text message very nice after. All goes well and it is not in Putin’s children “, she explains.

“he did not want especially now that we’re talking about controversy and this is exactly what it is doing. I think that it’s also a little bit tired and maybe a little hurt. It was always a little scared that it re-kindles the fire that it is time largely to off, specifies the blonde in the temperament of fire, which since his departure is awash in proposals, as she confided elsewhere.

Be a columnist in ” TPMP “, this is not a simple one. I want to propose something else, I’m evolving, ” says the blonde, who takes the opportunity to confide on his or her future projects.

“I was confident of not having any sign of person, I have lots of phone calls. I can’t say more, but I have a nice proposal that I hope will some day, to return to what I am, what I forgot that I was and what I am deeply. Nothing is done, I have appointments, I do not loose anything. I get job interviews, where I put on a nice shirt and express myself properly. The job I have in mind, I want it absolutely, I’ll do anything to get there. ” she says.

Enora Malagré acknowledges also be interested in the policy, where it intends to defend “two or three fights,” which hold a special place in my heart.

“It can germinate (…) It can be also locally. I am located in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, there may be things to do, ” says she.

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