Jenifer and Patrick Bruel, a lovely pactolus through Here

Jenifer and Patrick Bruel, a lovely pactolus through Here 18/06/2017 at 19:47 Here, “the first people magazine “, and who says to himself “funny, daring, playful, often irreverent, but never evil”, is celebrating its thirty years.

For the occasion, the magazine reveals the winners of the ” people who in thirty years (him) have taken the more “, by way of damages and interest.

And Stephanie of Monaco, sister of prince Albert of Monaco, arrives in first position with 579.775 euros.

The princess of the Rock is very closely followed by Jennifer, who has received the nice fortune 545.751 euros.
Patrick Bruel is not at rest. The one who file the great love with Pauline, a lovely dentist, has bagged 487.639 euros, and Claire Chazal has harvested 392.779 Euros.

Flavie Flament arrives for her part in the 5th position with 381.000 euros.

The magazine clarifies the way that Jenifer is passed in front of Patrick Bruel from his twenty-five years.
Here’s is delighted to have won some battles, for example against Loana.

“She was still not out of the loft as his lawyer we attacked already, the saying upset by our articles. We sent a bailiff to the House : he was able to see that inside there was no press, so not something to be “upset”.

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