Prince William irritated to be in the shadow of Kate Middleton ?

Prince William irritated to be in the shadow of Kate Middleton ? 18/06/2017 at 16:00 Kate Middleton would she shade his husband Prince William ? This is the question that arises CelebDirtyLaundry, which claims that the duchess has relegated her husband to the second rank.

This american site also believes that the fact that the duchess of Cambridge takes his duties to heart, and it is very appreciated by the subjects of the queen would not be to the liking of prince William, who would be very jealous.

The wife of the second in the order of succession to the british crown would be perceived as the “diplomat of the most promising” of the United Kingdom, while “frustrating,” her husband in this ascension.
Last week, the Daily Mail was another speech, and she was accused of showing discretion.

The duchess of Cambridge was referred to by the critics following his absence at an event which took place in Belgium, on the occasion of the centenary of the first world war.
It must be said that the princess had been forced to stay in London to look after his children, George and Charlotte, after having been left by the governess, Sadie Rice, who managed the daily at the palace. No successor has yet been found.

According to the Daily Mail, Kate Middleton would be in the crosshairs of the queen, who would consider it “lazy”.

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