Romania : the government forced the hara-kiri

The Romanian social democrats are about to do hara-kiri policy. Monday, 19 June, the social democratic Party (PSD) will vote on a censure motion to bring down his own government at the risk of diving Romania into a political crisis. Last December, the social democrats had won the legislative elections to the general surprise, with 48 % of the vote. Only downside in this case : the president of the party, Liviu Dragnea, was not able to be appointed Prime minister. In April 2016, he had been sentenced to two years in prison, suspended for electoral fraud.

Last December, Liviu Dragnea had proposed Sorin Grindeanu as Prime minister, unknown to the general public : “Sorin Grindeanu was like a little panda bear that her master could manipulate as he wanted to,” explains the analyst Cristian Tudor Popescu. But the man failed in the primary mission that had been assigned to him : to modify the criminal law in order to erase the criminal records of Liviu Dragnea and that he can recover for himself the position of Prime minister. On January 31, the government has attempted to vote more laws on the sly supposed to stop the campaign of anti-corruption and limit the power of prosecutors.

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This was without counting on the reaction of the street. More than 100 000 Romanians are out in the street to demonstrate against corruption and the abuse of Liviu Dragnea. This event marathon which lasted three weeks, has forced the social democrats to back down.

“Kung fu Panda “

Unhappy with his own government, Liviu Dragnea has decided to get rid of it. And he had the quickdraw easy. Wednesday, June 14, it has asked the government to resign. The next day, all the ministers had complied except Sorin Grindeanu. “Liviu Dragnea wants to overthrow a legitimate government, to the detriment of the interests of the country and his own party, the Prime minister said. He bears full responsibility for this political disaster. He is pushing for an amendment to the penal Code to her own benefit. ”

The blocking is such that the only outcome that remains for the social-democrats is to undermine their own government. “Sorin Grindeanu has surprised everyone,” says Cristian Tudor Popescu. The small panda bear that seemed easy to handle shown consummate art in the counter-attack. The social democrats are now playing the Kung Fu Panda, with their own Prime minister. Their battle is lost in advance. ”

Only winner in this case : the liberal president Klaus Iohannis, who is positioned as a pole of stability on a political stage at loggerheads.

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