The house of emanuel and Bridget Macron monitored 24h/24 (photos)

The house of emanuel and Bridget Macron monitored 24h/24 (photos) 18/06/2017 at 10:24 Emmanuel Macron, surrounded by his bodyguards at his villa in le Touquet, where it will remain until at least the vote Sunday for the 2nd round of the legislative elections.

This is the 2nd time since his election that Emmanuel Macron visits le Touquet, where the security has been strengthened.
According to the Voice of the North, a security device perennial comes in effect to be installed in the vicinity of the property of Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron. The CRS will around the time that the president of the Republic will be there.

A police vehicle will be stationed day and night at the square Robert-Lassus in order to avoid any intrusion into this semi-detached villa and located in the shopping district.

Just after the vote in the second round, Emmanuel Macron, will travel by helicopter to reach the Mont-Valerien in Suresnes (Hauts-de-Seine), to commemorate the 77th anniversary of the appeal of 18 June 1940.
The security of Emmanuel Macron and his wife, we recall, has been strongly reinforced since the leader In the Walk was elected to the presidency of the republic. The head of State also had to deal with the terrorist threat.

Since his accession to power, the threat has been revised upward, reports the Express, which is now at level 1.

“The assessment, and the security that results from it, is constantly reviewed. It changes depending, inter alia, of foreign travel or of information issued by the information, ” says a former bodyguard of Nicolas Sarkozy. Emmanuel Macron will forfeit his / her garden (the secret) and accept that its officers know it all of his life”.
Because of the terrorist threat, the team of Emmanuel Macron has invested in an umbrella-shielded, capable of protecting the president of the republic of the jets of acid.

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The president #Macron has arrived at the #Touquet for the weekend

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