The pope wants to excommunicate the mafia and the corrupt

The Vatican is considering a measure to excommunicate all mafia-like and corrupt, regardless of their country of belonging, indicates Sunday, the Italian press after an international meeting which was held at the Holy see. A group of fifty people from several countries, high prelates, magistrates, diplomats, police officers of high rank, had met at the Vatican in the framework of an ” international debate on corruption.”

This group is working to develop a joint document that will establish the work of successive and future initiatives, ” says a press release. “Among these last, it must be pointed out, for the moment, the need to develop, at the international level and the legal doctrine of the Church, the question concerning the excommunication for corruption and association mafia “, concludes the press release.

An ” historical turning point “

Pope Francis had already excommunicated in June 2014 the ‘ Ndrangheta, the powerful calabrian mafia, on a visit in this region of southernItaly, but the relationship between the Church and the organized crime were often ambiguous : patronage of processions by the mafia, links or attempts to influence some prelates, diversion of resources away from institutions and charities, to purchase in the past of real estate of the Vatican… Of the local bishops were also excommunicated the mafia from sicily or Campania, the region of Naples, but he lacks the catholic Church a legal document of universal value.

“We asked ourselves why the rest of Italy and the world should not have the same rules. The group (of experts, editor’s NOTE) has raised the problem of the narcos colombian and mexican : so we need a decree criminal law, a legal act, a formal, national and global scale, ” said La Stampa, Archbishop Michele Pennisi, archbishop of Monreale, in Sicily, and a member of the working group.

The decision of the Vatican to consider excommunication “is a very important signal,” says in the same paper Federico Cafiero de Raho, chief prosecutor in Reggio di Calabria, the capital of Calabria. “The Church has a significant weight here. And to take the distances of the ” Ndrangheta means isolated, and this is not nothing,” he said. The daily la Repubblica says that it is a ” historic turning point “, as he puts it on the same plan, the corrupt and the mafia, recalling that the excommunication is the most severe punishment contemplated by the catholic Church against its members.

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