Venezuela, the stampede of the middle class

They are sitting in the back room of a fast food restaurant, in the shopping center Sambil Chacao, a district of the is the middle class of Caracas. As a day on two, the opposition has expressed. David Perez, 41 years old, wears a cap and a bracelet in the colours of the national flag, and, behind his glasses, the mine of those that have market hours : “Why continue to fight ? Because, in the end, we don’t want to leave, we want that to change. And if one goes away, one wants to leave our families in a better country. “The place of meeting is no accident : shopping malls are one of the few places where Caraqueños feel safe. And since they are empty since the inflation has made them inaccessible, there is no ear indiscreet.

Direction Chile

They are five, they have 21 to 50 years and they will leave Venezuela, in the direction of the Chile. The explain assumes to speak ill of the government and we do not know very well what it can lead to… ” It is a huge phenomenon and absolutely new, for a country that is built on immigration. First Spanish. Then, in the 30s, came to roughly 300 000 Italians, develops, Tomás Páez, sociologist, professor at the central University of Venezuela (TCU), and the author of a book on the topic, La Voz de La diáspora venezolana. In 1960, about 7 million inhabitants, the country had one million foreigners. In the 70s, there have been one or two million Colombians displaced by violence, Venezuela became attractive because of its oil. Then, there were the coups in the southern cone of the continent, we received Argentinians, Chileans, Uruguayans, and Peruvians, Ecuadorians, Haitians, Dominicans… But since Hugo Chávez was elected in 1998, the movement is reversed. “Since his death, the arrival of its heir apparent, Nicolás Maduro, the political crisis that followed in 2014, and the current, the phenomenon is accentuated.

The scourge of kidnapping

Why would I leave ? In the first place, there is insecurity. “I live in a bubble. Home-job-home, describes Carlos Gutiérrez, age 39, director of the school. I forbid to walk, I do everything by car. A friend has been kidnapped with her two daughters, in 2015. The kidnappers had started by asking for $ 2 million. A year later, it was the turn of his brother. It was lifted out of poverty by working, I want to do my jogging without the risk of being killed for a watch, a phone, money or because I have nothing on me. “The last plague, even for the small middle class, these are the abductions. Everyone has a story. “Before, the stories were distant, traces Caesar Villega, 40 years. Then, they have had a name and a surname. Now, it is the neighbor’s daughter. That is what he could do ? He sold everything he could. We asked him a 60 million bolivars [6 450 euros, ED]. “The transports are feared :” My brother is gone to Costa Rica, he had been attacked four times in the subway. The family of my best friend has been kidnapped three times, ” explains Abraham Suárez, the youngest of the band, 21 years of age. He was a law student, he dropped out two months ago : “The law, it does not export. I studied computer science, alone, for from. A young person like me has no prospect of having one day his apartment here, to become independent, to have a certain level of life. ”

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