Brexit : Brussels and London to start the negotiations

It is left for the negotiations around the Brexit. The United Kingdom and the EU have given Monday the official launch of the negotiations of the Brexit in Brussels, pledging themselves to be “constructive” during these negotiations, the historical, the british government approaches in situations of fragility. A year after the earthquake of the referendum that sealed the british withdrawal, both parties have less than two years to organize this divorce is unprecedented, the impact of economic, geopolitical, after more than forty years of membership tumultuous.

Long handshake for the photographers, a few smiles, two short speeches in front of the press : the chief negotiator of the EU Michel Barnier has welcomed the uk minister for Brexit David Davis at 11 a.m., at the headquarters of the european Commission in Brussels. “Our objective is clear : we must first address the uncertainties created by the Brexit “, said Mr Barnier, in English, calling for a ” constructive discussion “. “I hope that today we will be able to identify priorities and to a calendar,” added the French. “We start the trading on a positive tone and constructive,” he echoed Mr. Davis, who said he is “committed to building a strong partnership and special” with the EU, before the two men did not meet with their delegations in a room on the 7th floor of the Commission.

The hopes of a ” happy outcome “

According to Barnier, the negotiations will be finalised around October 2018, to allow time then to the european Parliaments and the uk to ratify the agreement of the withdrawal, planned for the end of march 2019. “I would like that we have a good agreement that is in the best interest of both parties,” argued his side of Berlin the German chancellor Angela Merkel. But the 27 “will make their interests very clearly, and, hopefully, together,” said Ms. Merkel. Iconic figure of the Brexit, the british foreign secretary Boris Johnson has displayed the same spirit of optimism that Davis. “Of course, there will be a lot of discussions on the nature of the agreement that we are going to do (…) and discussions on the money “, but “I think that the whole process will lead to a happy outcome” for ” both parties “.

Johnson is projected as in the “new partnership deep and special,” London says it wants to build with Brussels. However, the Monday meeting in Brussels should not approach these distant perspectives. It will be first devoted to the practical organization of the complex negotiations for a “withdrawal in good order” of the United Kingdom after more than 40 years of membership tumultuous to the EU. Also on the menu, the three folders that the 27 countries remaining in the EU have identified as priorities: the fate of european expatriates in the United Kingdom and of the British in the EU, the future of the border irish, and the “financial regulation” of the commitments of London towards the Eu, assessed up to 100 billion euros. The British wanted to discuss from the beginning of their “future relationship” with the EU, particularly on the commercial side. But they seem to have accepted the tempo of the Europeans, who will not accept to speak of the future when “sufficient progress” will have been recorded on their three priorities.

Situation fragile

The british government does not address these negotiations in the best of circumstances. Designated in July 2016 by the conservative Party to replace the initiator of the referendum, David Cameron, prime minister Theresa May is very fragile. It has lost its absolute majority in Parliament after the early elections on June 8, that it had been necessary to strengthen his support during the negotiation of the Brexit. And it is criticised for its management of the fire slayer out of the tower, Grenfell in London. After suffering three attacks claimed by the group islamic State (EI), the country has experienced a new attack in the night of Sunday to Monday when a man driving a pickup truck rammed into the crowd near the Finsbury Park mosque in London.

“There is a huge insecurity among Europeans who wonder how long it will take,” said an eu diplomat of high rank about Ms. May, considering that a person weakened can only hurt the negotiations. May, who has repeatedly expressed a preference for “no agreement than a bad agreement” with the european Union, will have the opportunity to clarify his plans before the 27th, during a european summit scheduled for Thursday and Friday in Brussels. The Europeans got wind of a “generous offer” that she was about to make on the fate of the three million european nationals resident in the United Kingdom. But they would have advised him to delay his initiative, according to a senior european official. “Many fear that what it presents as a generous offer is not seen as very generous, which could create a very bad atmosphere “, it argues.

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