Just like Brigitte Macron, François Baroin is phobic to flying. But why ?

Just like Brigitte Macron, François Baroin is phobic to flying. But why ? 19/06/2017 at 20:41 This Monday, Le Figaro drew up a portrait of François Baroin, the opportunity to state his terrible phobia to the aircraft, a trait that it shares with the first lady Brigitte Macron.

This phobia is explained by the tragedy that hit his family on February 5, 1987.
On this day, his father, Michel Baroin, then sub-prefect of the Aube, was killed in the crash of his plane in Cameroon.

Since that day, every time he takes the plane, François Baroin password theft “clamped to its seat,” says the daily.

And to explain then that it is following this drama as Jacques Chirac, a friend of his father, ” has decided to take under his wing the young François Baroin “.

This phobia, Brigitte Macron suffers also, this is the reason why she had not accompanied her husband in Germany, stated François-Xavier Bourmaud, author of Emmanuel Macron “behind-The-scenes of a victory” (The Archipelago).

“It is only abroad that it never appears. A phobia of the plane which prevented her to accompany Emmanuel Macron, New York, Berlin or Algiers when it tried to Polish its international stature “, said he.
“Travel to the edge of it in the air, it is the assurance that arrive with the hand milled, plays an adviser to the candidate who has lived the experience”, stated the author in his book.

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