London – Fire of the tower Grenfell : the balance sheet changes to 79 dead

79 dead or presumed dead… the balance of the fire that has ravaged a tour of social housing last week continues to grow. “I fear that there are now 79 people that we think are dead or are missing and which we assume, therefore, that they are dead,” said Monday, a police chief, Stuart Cundy, during a press briefing.

On Friday, the queen visited Friday at the bedside of the victims of the fire. The image ofElizabeth II talking with gravity, with members of the local community had offered a striking contrast with the reaction to Theresa May who, after being made up on Thursday without meeting the population is returned the next day to the jeers and shouts. “The story of two leaders “, noted Saturday, the Daily Mirror by publishing a the two pictures, while the Times pointed out that the First minister had to be surrounded by a strong police protection during his trip.

This tragedy is the result of errors and negligence on the part of political leaders, the town hall (district) and the government.

The mayor of London did not mince his words, accusing the authorities of having failed in their duties. The disaster was “an avoidable accident that should not have happen,” said Sadiq Khan on the BBC. “This tragedy is the result of errors and negligence on the part of political leaders, the town hall (district) and the government,” he added. The municipal official was speaking after a church service held in tribute to the victims in a church near the tower.

The fire, of unknown origin, was ravaged in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, a building of social housing to the west of the british capital. Saturday, police spoke of thirty dead have been confirmed, and twenty-eight other alleged. On Monday, the number drops to 79. A balance sheet is very heavy, which provoked the anger of the survivors and relatives of victims, who accuse local authorities of not having heard the cries of warning about the safety of the building because they were a majority population of modest.

Many residents have stated that there was no emergency exit, no fire extinguishers, no fire alarms. “The local community has the feeling of having been ill-treated because some of them are poor,” pointed out the mayor of London. In a column published Sunday in The observer Sadiq Khan also considers it ” crucial that the truth about what happened, and find out if warnings have been ignored “.


“We have a debt to all the victims,” he added. “To ensure that their families are properly supported, and that it should never happen again. “Saturday, a senior police official in london, Stuart Cundy, said that the investigation would turn to the recent renovation of the building, and in particular to the coating installed on the facade, which would have contributed to promote the spread of the fire.

This coating was permitted for this building type, or was he part of those who are ” forbidden “, is questioned on Sunday the Finance minister Philip Hammond on the BBC. “It was two different issues here. The first : is that our rules are correct, is that they allow for the right type of materials and forbid the bad ? The second : have they been properly applied ? ” he added. “It will be up to the investigation say it,” he said.

The United Kingdom observed a minute of silence Monday at 11 a.m. local time (10 hours GMT), in memory of the victims. This will be the fourth time since march 22, and the attempted attack near the Parliament (five dead), then Manchester (twenty-two dead) on may 22nd, and finally the attack of London, June 3 (eight dead), that the country is immersed with gravity in the recollection.

The fire, which has deeply shocked public opinion in the United Kingdom, has generated a broad movement of solidarity. Last example in date, the powerful music producer Simon Cowell was working on Sunday by recording a cover of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” (Simon and Garfunkel) to raise funds for the people affected by the disaster, according to the Sunday Express.

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