Manuel Valls has canceled a celebration planned for his victory (video)

Manuel Valls has canceled a celebration planned for his victory (video) 19/06/2017 at 21:34 According to the Daily, Manual Valls has cancelled the celebration of the victory that was provided yesterday in a restaurant in Vitry.

“And for the cover, the boss has tried everything,” commented the journalist of Daily life.
We offer you to discover this sequence.

Valls has cancelled the victory party scheduled for yesterday in this restaurant. And for the cover, the boss has tried everything. 🤣 @HugoClement #Daily

— Daily (@Qofficiel) 19 June 2017

While his opponent challenged his election, Manuel Valls was at the Meeting this morning. @CamCrosnier @HugoClement #Daily

— Daily (@Qofficiel) 19 June 2017

The electoral evening, one recalls, was tense, Manuel Valls, eventually elected member of parliament with a handful of votes ahead.
The former prime minister has not been spared by his opponents in his fief of Ivry, where he took the floor to announce his victory.

Arrived in the lead with 139 votes ahead in the 11th constituency of the Essonne, Manuel Valls came very close to the correction.

It must be said that it has not been invested either by the PS or by the Republic Walk.

For this election, Manuel Valls was opposed to Farida Amrani, the candidate of France Insubordinate. The latter went so far as to denounce irregularities.

In fact, it specified that it would file an appeal.
‘The activists of the latter have occurred in the city hall of Evry to challenge this victory, asking for a recount, as votes are tight. The police restored order’, tells BFM TV.

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