Mario Serpa says the attacks of the Sierra Claudio Sona

Mario Serpa on the social comment on what happened in the past few days between Claudio Sona and Juan Fran Sierra.

Mario Serpa tells her about what happened between Claudio Sona and Juan Fran Sierra

The story between Mario Serpa and Claudio Sona, begun under the lights of the “Men and Women”, has been over for a few months. In the past few days, however, the ex-suitor was heard in spite of himself pulled in dance from the allegations that the Sierra has turned to Sona: the Spanish model, in fact, said they have evidence to prove that her relationship with the first tronista gay is continued for the duration of its participation in the program hosted by Maria De Filippi.

Mario Serpa and Claudio Sona when they were still together, their story ended several months ago

Mario commented on the incident, and defines the part of the injured party: “I want to emphasize that my path to the Men and Women was true and sincere, – writes the Author I put a heart and feelings into everything I did and I have no doubt on the good faith of the editorial staff and its work. Despite my deep disappointment, I’m humanly sorry for the misery which is coming out of this story of which they are a part of the injured party. Notwithstanding that, I do not wish to enter on the merits and, hoping that Claudio can prove otherwise, I believe the unheard of attacks of cyber-bullying he suffered in these hours. Hate is a feeling that does not belong to me, as well as deceit”.

The post Juan Fran Sierra addressed to Raffaella Mennoia, author and editor of ‘Men and Women’

The former suitor Claudio Sona comments and says its on the controversy that is taking the tour on social. Sierra , meanwhile, writes a post directed at Raffaella Mennoia, author and editor-in-historical “Men and Women”: “To the sig.ra Mennoia – law on his profile on Instagram – why am I not getting the permission to be able to publish probe (robe, editor) that would make it all very clear? Oh I forgot! She goes there in the middle…”. “With all my respect for his work. If everything you say is true I hope to receive the ok for the public to publish you all later today. #business #lies #discomfort #codadipaglia #nonhopaura *sorry for the misspelling but I get to the Spanish”Juan adds.

The response of Raffaella Mennoia to the post of Juan fran Sierra

“Good morning – replication the Mennoia – I can’t authorize anything because I know it, I can however express my unease in seeing how my work is unfairly denigrated both in the case in which Claudio has teased us or as in the case both she and Claudio have made fun of all of us. That said, I’m working as always in life with dignity and sacrifice. P.S. your Italian is very clear, even when it is audio and not written”.


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