Max Biaggi, the first photo from the hospital of Bianca Atzei

Bianca Atzei has published the first photos fromthe hospital. In the shot his hand squeezes that of boyfriend, Max Biaggi. The image is moving. “Day 8 – writes the singer – Stay close to me and every thing, you’ll see that with time everything will work out” Vasco Rossi #ioete #forzamax #loveyou #maiarrendersi”.

Max Biaggi, the first photo from the hospital of Bianca Atzei

The first photo fromthe hospital of Max Biaggi’s is a dedication of Bianca Atzei, which has always been next to the pilot because it had the serious motorcycle accident on the circuit Sagittarius Latina on the 9th of June last.

Max Biaggi has always been conscious: she has multiple fractures and will heal in 30 days,” they had advisedthe hospital San Camillo in the day of the incident. In the bulletin of June 12, the doctors had confirmed the prognosis is reserved by specifying: “The vital parameters are within normal limits. The patient, collaborative, and participant undergoes physiotherapy and respiratory cycles of non-invasive ventilation with overall benefit”.

Bianca Atzei has always provided new details to the fans on the health of Max Biaggi, thank you all for the messages. Now the first photos fromthe hospital , he wanted to share it.

Look, she is here at the San Camillo from last Thursday, has cancelled all his commitments and he has never given up, not even for a minute. My son always wants to be with him, and the health department has granted a special permit, which allows you to be always near. Practically, from that dramatic day, he lives at the San Camillo and with me it is always very kind”, he told La Gazzetta dello Sport, the father of the centaur, Peter.

The pilot, 45-year-old and the singer 30-year-old are related from the 2015

The roman driver could exit from the intensive care unit ofthe hospital in the next 24-48 hours. He broke 11 ribs, was operated for drainage of a pneumothorax, and this has complicated the recovery of the normal function of the lungs.

They went to find the president of Coni, Giovanni Malagò. Fabrizio Frizzi, Renato Zero and some players. No colleague of the 45-year-old. “I am here in the hospital pilots I have seen, but it is very likely that some have sent messages directly to the Max”, says the dad to the sports daily.

The only one to never leave him was White. “My Max is resilient and strong. I have to trust. I hope. I believe in him and I believe that his greatest challenge now is psychological”, he stressed always on the network, the artist’s 30-year-old.

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