Photos Google wants to fix your funny face

Google has recently filed a patent regarding a technology for correcting pictures taken at the wrong time.

If some people are photogenic and have always had the class on glossy paper (Big Ups to Barney Stinson), it is a gift that is sadly very rare. Everyone has already had the opportunity to see with horror his face on a photo. Eye closed, mouth askew, or simply grimace involuntary are common.

Also, Google has recently filed a patent for a technology that should enable everyone to very easily change the images and thus to find a more photogenic.

Thanks to the ” patching “, Google wants to enable the user to merge two photos to give a face, an expression more attractive. Like the clone stamp in Photoshop, this tool will search in the “good photo” of the items that are deemed problematic. Your eyebrows bulk, your pout with an air of nonchalance and your eye half closed because the sun will not be more than ancient history.

Although the integration of this technology to Google Photos may not be explicitly mentioned in the patent in question, one can easily imagine that this is the goal of the firm of Mountain View, as far as the application getting big on facial recognition.

Remember that Photos Google already offers many tools to improve post-production of images and videos, including the stabilization of the video and many editing tools.

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