Pokémon Gb : cooperation, legendary Pokémon… a lot of new features in a big update

A major update is about to upset the game mechanics of Pokémon Gb by changing the combat system in the arena, by offering a co-op mode and the ability to catch legendary Pokémon.

The largest update of Pokémon Gb is coming ! “. It is with these words that Niantic announces upcoming new features of its mobile gaming very popular. And as much as to say that there are a lot of new features to the program.

New systems for arenas

First of all, the system of the arena has been redesigned. Now, each of these will be composed of six squares occupied permanently by the team that controls it. Each Pokémon defending a arena must be unique, therefore it cannot be two Ronflex or two Aquali, for example, in the same place.

To take over a arena, the opposing teams will have to confront the creatures in the order in which they have been assigned. These have a gauge of motivation that decrease as the fights that they lead. More said motivation is low, the more points of combat are temporarily reduced. The attackers have a greater chance of grabbing the arena.

All of the trainers have assigned a Pokémon in an arena need to think about their offer berries for some motivation back. If a creature has no more motivation, she returns to its owner at the time when it loses a combat.

Also, please note that the arenas also become Pokéstops. It thus becomes possible to retrieve items from beside. In addition, you can earn Badges as soon as your participate in the conquest arena. You will be able to increase the level of this badge by fighting, by feeding the Pokémon in the arenas, or by rotating the PhotoDisque (to collect items). With badges of high-level, you will get better bonus.

Raid Mode co-op

The next update also offers a cooperative mode called ” Raid “. From time to time, a arena will not be defended by the Pokémon of a team. In place of these, an egg will appear at the top of the arena with a countdown. Once it reaches zero, the egg hatches and reveals a Pokemon very powerful.

Up to 20 trainers can combine to defeat the creature, called a ” Boss Raid “. If you manage to beat him in the five minutes allotted, you will have the opportunity to catch a Pokémon stronger than average. To participate in a Raid, you must achieve a ” Pass Raid “. You can get per day by visiting an arena. Note that you can only have one at the time on you. You can also buy the Premium shop.

New objects

Defeating a Boos Raid, you will be able to get powerful new items. The Super Sweets are sweets that may apply to the Pokémon of your choice to help it move. The Berries Framby Gold fill full the gauge motivation of the creatures in the arenas and greatly increase the chances of catching Pokémon in the wild. Finally, the Capsules Techniques are used to learn new attacks (immediate or loaded) permanently.

Legendary Pokémon

And we finished with one of the biggest revelations : the legendary Pokémon. In fact, according to Eurogamer, after having won a large number of Raid, you may be able to get a Pass for special access to Raiding elite that will take place in various locations. The Raid Bosses of these elite events can, sometimes, enable to catch a legendary creature.

Arena temporarily closed

This update could potentially revive the interest of users for Pokémon to Go with the approach of summer. Note that in order to prepare this update, Niantic will temporarily empty all the arenas. When it will be deployed, the arena will re-open their doors.

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