Renault-Nissan, Carlos Ghosn too well paid ?

The boss of Renault on the harness ? Well good, that there still is the ugly Carlos to six months to announce the name of his replacement ? Planned to grant a bonus of sweet ? And then, there was nothing else wrong with him ?

“How many centuries of SMIC can reach in a year a boss who has made his business number one in the world ?”

You have four hours…

The subject was not in the bac philo, but on all media, in the past week. And it has lasted instead of 48 hours. Reason for the umpteenth excitement about the salary of Carlos Ghosn, the discovery of the study of a large investment bank, Ardea Partners, offering Renault-Nissan to create the netherlands, where the headquarters of the Alliance, a discrete fund to distribute bonus hidden in the big boss and five other senior leaders of the Alliance. No evidence that the study would have been followed by effects, not more than it has been carried out at the initiative of Renault, or even read by Carlos Ghosn. It is just established that it was intended, as it must be for a lot of studies and reports each week. For my part, I had once suggested the conversion of its Vel Satis in pick-up truck, the Ben Satis, but I had never responded or acted on.

Fifteen million salary for three and a half billion of profit

Personally, it moves me not that Carlos Ghosn is the third boss the best paid in the CAC 40 French. Or that he has touched in the fifteen million euros in the past year, including seven in the title of Renault. Of course, it is three times more than the other Carlos (Tavares) who has done very well in PSA, but also two times less than Mary Barra, the patron saint of General Motors. And almost five times less than the $ 72 million gobbled up in 2014 by Sergio Marchionne, boss of Fiat-Chrysler.

The salary of Carlos 1 is compared with a net profit of 3.54 billion for a turnover of 51.4 billion, a rate of 6.4 % if the current in the motor. Has also put in relation with the place of n°1 in the world just picked up, thanks to the contribution of Mitsubishi recently conquered.

Renault-Nissan - Carlos Ghosn trop bien payé ?

Should we blame him to be insatiable, to love too much money ? First, it has several times had the opportunity to earn more by changing to dairy. Then, as many accuse a politician of having too much taste for power.

Anyway, still a bad trial to the boss that in France we love to hate, the party man straighten Nissan and income to relocate Renault, the guy with big eyebrows and a face of iron, with a huge ego and little empathy.

If Carlos Ghosn was a pork butcher…

What annoys me in this umpteenth kill, it is that he is only to follow yet another censing, and once again, you miss the true reproach against the man : the quality of the cars that he has been designing and producing since he joined Renault in 1996 with his costume cost killer.

If Carlos Ghosn was a butcher, it is extasierait on Tuesday that it has acquired a fourth trade in the next city. And on Thursday, we indignerait of the new big Mercedes he has just offered. But never no one would notice that his ham that is not always fresh and can make you sick many of our clients.

The Renault may well be attractive, efficient, comfortable, well-equipped, adjoining, they have often not been reliable, and now, despite certain efforts, they are not always. Even the Nissan, since they are made to the mode Ghosn, are taken out of the list of the most reliable cars, trusté by japanese brands.

Out of the sites and logs automobiles, it is not written anywhere, we prefer the gloss on the pay slip of the villain patron or, depending on the day, on the miracles of the great leader.

Renault-Nissan - Carlos Ghosn trop bien payé ?

I’m not going to repeat the litany of defects of design or construction, but they are almost always due to small mégotages whispered in the ear of the engineers. All with a bad faith tremendous promise that the new model will – pinky swear – to the best of its class and then, two years later, when the seeds multiply, refuse supported under pretexts the most diverse.

Ditto for the real scandal-that is, the polluting emissions of Renault dCi, scandal that results from the choice well thought-out system decontamination at a discount, just calibrated to pass the certification test. There, it was contended for the observance of the emission standards in force ; for Mr. Ghosn, that they are not true in the street would be off-topic.

The reliability, this is the future of the car… stand-alone

My rant may seem “old school”, one will find ridiculous my stories connecting rod bearing or EGR valve according to the success of the company – think so, n°1 in the world at the beard of Volkswagen, Toyota and General Motors – instead, I think it is a topic for the future. With the autonomous car that happens, the reliability will no longer be a fad of journalist grumpy or driver updated, but a prerequisite vital for any brand, the quality n°1 that will eclipse all others. Who wants to be lead by a car that the builder is deemed to squeeze money out of its engineers and its suppliers, beyond the reasonable, which tracks the small economy and calculates more than just the endurance of the parts ?

Renault-Nissan - Carlos Ghosn trop bien payé ?

Steering wheel in your hands and pedals at the feet, there is a concern over the accident that the fault. When there will be neither steering wheel nor pedals, the slightest failure can cost an accident. Who do you trust ? How will licence an autonomous car ? With the same seriousness as the measured NOx from diesel ? Who will validate the security design and manufacturing ? Will it create for our cars the equivalent of the DGCA for the aircraft ? And, in fine, how they age the autonomous cars ? What are the major issues that we must now ask. At Renault more than any other manufacturer.

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