Stefano Bettarini denies: ‘Niccolò al GF Vip 2? Too soon’

Stefano Bettarini, interviewed by True, belies. Nothing GF Vip 2 for the son, Niccolò. The guy is only 18 years old and the former footballer does not want it in the House of Cinecittà so soon and only as a ‘son of’. Would like that, if you decide to participate in a reality show, did it with a curriculum behind it.

Stefano Bettarini denies: nothing GF Vip 2 for the son Nicholas

“For Nicholas , it is too soon. She is 18 years old and I would love to go there, not by the son but for something that is able to build only”, explains Stefano Bettarini. Denies so strong gossip that they wanted to Niccolo Bettarini in the cast of the GF Vip 2.

Denies the rumors about Nicholas optioned for the GF Vip 2, which will start between late September and early October in the early evening on Channel 5 presented by Ilary Blasi and super pundit in the studio, Alfonso Signorini. Stefano Bettarini puts an end to the rumors.

The guy is only 18 years old, it is still too soon for a reality show

Stephen is very attentive to the education of the children, Niccolò and Giacomo, a 16 year old. The results are excellent, also thanks to the serenity found with the former , Simona Ventura. “Simona is the mother of my children. I find it right that the reports are civil and there is collaboration to be good parents. It is not simple, you have to learn on the field and not always successful. But we are united. It takes complicity. Otherwise, the children enter into the cracks like knives and if you take advantage of it. And we always agree on all the choices that relate to Nicholas and James”, he explains.

The 45-year-old would prefer that Nicholas participated with as ‘son of’, but with a curriculum behind it

Summer 2017 of the 45-year-old is single. The former envoy of the’Island of the Famous repeats. If you think to build a family in the future? “Let’s plan! he says The love for a person, it is an account: to rebuild the na family and have children is another. In this second case, “I have already given”. However, never say never.”

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