YotaPhone 3 : a new smartphone with E Ink display on the back is announced

A YotaPhone 3 has been announced. Like its predecessors, it will also have an E Ink display on its rear face.

The YotaPhone 2.

Who remember the YotaPhone ? What are these phones the Russian who proposed to the rear E Ink display, similar to e-readers. As a reminder, there were two. The first was quite disappointing, while the second was a bit more successful, but it cost an arm (launched to 700 euros in 2014 to a very medium-sized).

It was a good time that we had heard. However, according to the Russian media 4pda, the YotaPhone 3 was quietly announced at the China-Russia Expo in Harbin. Almost no details have been revealed about it.

Image of teasing the YotaPhone 3.

One simply knows that it will benefit him also an E Ink display on the back and the price has also been release. The model with a storage space of 64 Gb will be sold for 350 dollars, and that it will be $ 450 for 128 Gb.

Another source, Vedomostri, argues that it will be sold in China in September and that the pre-orders will be launched in Russia at about the same time. For now, the Yotaphone 3 has not been announced on any other market. It is therefore very probable that it never happens in France.

Remember that in France, HiSense will launch the HiSense A2 at the end of the year for a price of 499 euros. This smartphone also features an E Ink display on the back.

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