A chinese manufacturer would integrate the fingerprint sensor underneath the screen, before all the world

A video posted on the chinese social networks suggests that Vivo would have already mastered the technology of fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen.

After the screens are borderless, the next revolution of our smartphones is expected to come with the fingerprint sensor. While the majority of manufacturers opt for a sensor located at the back of the phone or in a dedicated button on the front (or on the edge to Sony), future models should integrate this component to the screen. It is known that Samsung was considering this for his Galaxy S8 before re-copying for reasons of safety or screen brightness. Apple could also be interested in this technology for its iPhone 8, as the rumors indicate borderless, and therefore devoid of physical button Touch ID.

However, the first to integrate a fingerprint sensor in its screen could be a player that we weren’t expecting : the chinese Vivo. A video has recently appeared on Weibo, the micro-blogging site chinese, showing a branded phone apparently provided such a technology.

A sensor still imperfect

Be the first to integrate a new technology, it is well. Be the first to integrate it, it is better. Even if it is only a prototype that can certainly still be improved — or canceled in the contrary case, the fingerprint sensor on this phone seems to be particularly slow to react. We are therefore looking forward to see how will work the first sensors of this type, since in view of the many actors working on the subject, this is no longer only a matter of months before their commercialization.


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