Ben Shapiro : the new face of conservatism in american

Beginning 2017, Ferris State University in Big Rapid, Michigan. In a packed lecture hall, a young speaker goes to the lectern to begin a long address to the students. Its ideas come together. His loquacity and his speech rate, quick and lively, allow it to decline in less than ten minutes the whole of his conservative ideology, to the severe criticism of the concept of social justice to that of its activists are very present in academia, including Black Lives Matter, through the promotion of a minimal State and an economy freed from the bureaucracy of Washington.

At the top of the meter 75 and wearing a kippah during most of his public interventions, Benjamin Aaron Shapiro, who claims proudly of orthodox judaism, and draws its reputation from the dissemination of Internet conferences, in which he does not hesitate to discuss frontally with his opponents. As the face of a sociology student left somewhat condescending, to which he responds not to have ” need a phd to seven years to detect bullshit when[he] heard “.

Critical of Donald Trump

His sense of synthesis, of the debate and the “punchline” was made famous on the social networks, including YouTube, the video has been viewed over a million times, making him a personality that is very popular with the supporters of the republican Party and of the young. With over 1.8 million subscribers on Facebook, the young columnist is a rising figure in the republican Party, a true counter-power in the face of Donald Trump. Shapiro critical effect freely the president, notably for his recent escapades on the case of Comey. And he does not hesitate to denounce its use, that it deems abusive, the social network Twitter that would dishonour, according to him, the presidential function.

All intended this child to a family of ashkenazi jewish Los Angeles to be interested in the public thing. Brilliant student of the prestigious University of California at Los Angeles (Ucla) that it integrates to 16 years, and then Harvard Law School, he began as early as 17 years to write his first book, Brainwashed : How Universities Indoctrinate America’s Youth on the ideological dominance of the left in the universities. Since then, he has published five others. From 2012, Shapiro became editor-in within the media of the right alternative to Breitbart News, headed at the time by Stephen Bannon. Strongly disagree with the editorial line that it deemed to be complacent, particularly about the campaign from Trump following the assault of a journalist, he leaves the editorial in march 2016 on back of tensions, calling Stephen Bannon’s “worst person he has ever encountered” and accusing him of serving his personal political ambitions before all else.

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Since then, he hosted the media to The Daily Wire, which he himself founded in 2015, not hesitating to criticize the policy of Trump, that he did not consider to be a conservative, but more like a democratic “centrist” or a “ignorant” of the Constitution, to the chagrin of the “trumpistes” who seem to, in spite of everything, to appreciate its general discourse at the crossroads of the different ideologies of the republican Party libertarienne, social-conservative, néoconservatrice, etc

Soon a candidate ?

For many of its supporters, republicans, Ben Shapiro has a political future. In an interview for C-Span in 2015, he said he was “not disinterested” by the exercise of power, arguing, among other things, that the political culture should be “heavily modified” by the right sentence depending on him, to assert themselves in the media and in hollywood in particular. During a university conference held by the Young America’s Foundation in the aftermath of the investiture of Donald Trump at the White House, he went so far as to project himself into the oval Office, defending a decentralization unprecedented federal powers to the States and the rehabilitation of a true diplomacy néoconservatrice – he shows a great hostility towards the islamic nations, especiallyIran.

In the packed room, the same slogan was on all the lips of the young republicans who organized the event : “Shapiro 2020 “, to which he responds with humour, but not without lack of interest : “Instead of 2024. “

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