Fuels – Beautiful falling prices at the pump

Oil prices are at their lowest since November 2016. Therefore happy : the prices in the resorts have deflated in recent weeks, and this is expected to continue until the end of the month.

If you go on a holiday with your car at the beginning of July, you should have the smile at the time of the full before departure. The fuel prices are trending downward for the past few weeks. The prices at the pump are at their lowest since more than six months. It is necessary to go back to the beginning of December to find cheaper prices.

After having resumed the hair of the beast at the end of may, oil prices are falling. According to the statements of theUfip (Union Française des Industries Pétrolières), in four weeks, they have gone from 53 to less than 46.5 $. The price drop in station will therefore continue, at least until the end of June.

The last statement of the Ministry of the Ecological Transition (dated 16 June), the liter of diesel was at 1,1754 € and that of without-lead 95 to 1,3436 €. In seven days, these national averages were, respectively, decreased by 1.6-and 1.3-penny. Since the end of may, the declines are 3.7 and 2.6 cents.

Each day that passes in this time is, therefore, the assurance of an even lower price. At the time we wrote these lines, there are for example diesel fuel to 1,101 € in the Mouths of the Rhone. Some may have done “business” with operations fuel cost last weekend. There should be other cost price next week on the occasion of the launch of the balances.

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