Love is in the pre 2017, why some of the contenders withdraw ?

Love is in the pre 2017, why some of the contenders withdraw ? 20/06/2017 at 9:33 Yesterday evening, June 19, M6 broadcast the first number the 12th season of love is in the meadow, presented by Karine Le Marchand.

For the occasion, the producer Virginia Matéo confided in an interview granted to the ” Tele 7 Days “, and tells a bit more about behind-the-scenes.

She explained that each candidate in this issue of dating may invite a maximum of ten participants.
“But if the candidate receives enough mail, we may select, with his agreement, up to fourteen, explained Virginia Matéo. This may come as a surprise, but when we call them, much is lost. As if, suddenly, it became too real, too concrete “.

It often happens that some claiming “prétextent then the death of a grandmother or a grandfather not to make the trip” to Paris, where the filming of the speed dating takes place.

“And then there are those who really can not come because of their work, or simply for family reasons,” said the producer of ” love is in the meadow.

Once the farmer is “well established” that the contenders are called to come see it.

“But, this year, anyway, I made an exception for Natalie. She called me after the recording to tell me that one of the suitors that she had not retained him was then written in direct, ” said Virginia Matéo. Nathalie would eventually him in the head and that the other two people selected would not have the slightest chance.”

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