Real Madrid, Perez : “Cristiano Ronaldo has a contract and clause of discharge is 1 billion”

Florentino Perez, the president of the Real, has expressed his support to Ronaldo. And while defending, he recalled that it was not for sale.

Discreet since the legal proceedings against Cristiano Ronaldo have been revealed, Florentino Perez took the floor on Monday night during an interview with Onda Cero. The president of Real Madrid took advantage of his visit of a few minutes on the famous radio station in Spanish to express what the Portuguese player claimed, namely, a total support. And he has even done everything to flatter his ego. “It is better than we are. It is much more powerful and more important than all those who are here,”said the strong man of the Real.

Perez commended the work of Zidane

While his player is shown the finger from all sides, Perez has also regretted that “the presumption of innocence has not been respected”. While confident that they have not discussed with their player since they are separated in the aftermath of the triumph in the Champions League, he is also confident that “Cristiano is in good standing with all of its tax obligations”. “He has always done things properly. It’s just a confusion that must be clarified”, he continued.

“Clause discharging is 1 billion euros”

A few days ago, the Portuguese press reported a large ill-being in Ronaldo. It is said of the quadruple Golden Ball that he is tired of the treatment that is reserved, that it does not feel quite supported and that he pretends to want to leave only to push his employers to pay his debt. Assumptions that Perez does not believe for a second : “No, he would not want anyone to rule its fine…It is not like that. And I’m sure he is pissed off against the person in relation to that question. If he is angry, it is only against the press with regard to the manner in which he had been treated“. For the future, Perez expects to meet its protected to decide what to do : “whenever there has been a problem, we solved it. We will wait that the Confederations Cup ends and we will see the extent of everything that has been written”.

Since 2009 and the time he went to look at Manchester United, Perez has always responded to the slightest whim of CR7. Would it be tempted to offer him a new contract is revalued to help him hunt his moods ? The highly respected officer does not arise the question for the moment, because he is intimately convinced that Ronaldo will not move. “He has always told me that he was indeed in Madrid. Cristiano Ronaldo has a contract and it is a player of the Real, he recalled. And if a big offer came for the old mancunien ? “Clause discharging is 1 billion euros ! a-t-he retorted. And we have had no bids for him. The Sheikh of PSG is a friend to me and he has not called.”

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