SUV – What’s the Toyota C-HR choose ?

More suited for the city and for the great outdoors, the Toyota C-HR, by its original style and its characteristics, stands out in the category of compact SUV. This model is arrived there is little on the market and offers two powertrains, a gasoline and a hybrid as well as the possibility of having a 4×4 drivetrain. In order to see more clearly in the catalogue of this SUV, we offer you a small buying guide.

With an atypical profile, the Toyota C-HR does not go unnoticed in the streets. It is also in the city that he will behave better. Because on the road, with the petrol powerplants or with the hybrid, it is often necessary to downshift in order to restart the machine. With the block petrol 116 hp, it has the choice between two-or four-wheel drive, but the contribution of an all-wheel-drive doesn’t turn this vehicle into a true 4×4, it will be only easier on the slippery surface to keep traction. With the hybrid, the Toyota C-HR is in traction.

SUV - Quel Toyota C-HR choisir ?

The C-HR

Originality of the style on the outside, with its clear-cut lines and sharp. But also its spotlight to architecture tortured, his wings rounded, her mini-glass surface, all of these elements give it a lot of style and a maximum of aggressiveness. On board, the originality bonus, but it does not disturb the ergonomics of the controls, which proves to be perfect and the instrumentation is very legible. You can easily find a good driving position thanks to the multiple settings of steering wheel and seat.

SUV - Quel Toyota C-HR choisir ?

Good sales

The Toyota C-HR has a great success in France where he finds himself in the 26th position of the cars sold. It is his style like, but also that the hybrid of this model is a true asset. Consumption in the city prove to be reasonable and it is easy to get under the bar 7l/100 km even on highway. We also appreciate the maneuverability of this model, its range of equipment with, in particular, the Safety Sense* on all C-HR and the standard rearview camera with the second level of finish. It allows for a better rear view, which is not a luxury, because the fact of the glass surfaces to be reduced, the parking is a little tricky.

SUV - Quel Toyota C-HR choisir ?

The good and the less good

Appreciated also the good habitability of the rear seats, apart from a guard a fair bit, the CVT transmission is well suited to use in the city (less on the highway), the touch screen standard from the second trim level, the package SUV, an option (from 500 to 1 500 €), which makes it look more SUV’s to the japanese model. It is less enthusiastic in regards to the volume of the trunk is limited and the lack of a flat floor when the backs of the seat are folded down.

* Safety Sense

System précollision pedestrian alert lane departure with assistance to remain in the queue, detector fatigue, management, auto high-beam/low-beam headlights, adaptive cruise control.

The SUV Toyota C-HR in ten points

  • Compact SUV, five-door, five-seat
  • Dimensions (L x w x h in meters) : 4,36 x 1,79 x 1.56
  • Turning circle : 10.4 m
  • Boot Volume mini : 377 litres
  • Petrol engines : 1.2 T-116 hp (2WD), 1.2 T-116 hp (4WD)
  • Hybrid : 1.8 112 hp (2 WD)
  • Four finishes : Active, Dynamic, Graphic, Distinctive,
  • Finish reserved for businesses : Dynamic Business
  • Manual transmission or a CVT (continuously variable), this last required on 4WD and Hybrid
  • Price : from 23 000 € (Hybrid : 28 600 €)

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