Adil Rami and Pamela Anderson on the same wavelength in spite of their age difference

Adil Rami and Pamela Anderson on the same wavelength in spite of their age difference 23/06/2017 at 14:00

Despite their age difference, Adil Rami (31 years old) and Pamela Anderson, 50 years, next July, are on the same wave length, ” says the magazine Here.

In its edition today, the people magazine of their romance. And their relationship would be very strong.
The footballer and the american star “seem to already cannot do without one another “.

“And as the old siren has plans to open a vegan restaurant after Saint-Tropez this summer and that Adil could become a player of Olympique de Marseille in the season, they could rhyme of love and the south for a few months or who knows a few years “, says Here.

The weekly we learn on this occasion that the French international has put an end to his relationship with Sidonie Biémont, the mother of his twins.

The latter, one recalls, had confided in the columns of Télé Star, where she explained that it is not easy to be a woman footballer.

The pretty brunette was first on his meeting with the French international in Seville.

“It was by chance. I was working as a hostess in the lodge Adidas, at Roland Garros, when he arrived to celebrate his doubled cut-championship with the OSC Lille. I served a coffee, I said, ‘it is really not bad’, but I was suspicious of the reputation of footballers : partiers, not very faithful to… In the afternoon, in the quiet, he came to talk to me and I immediately laugh : I cracked up “, reconaissait it.

Sidonie Biémont had finally let go of his work to follow first of all his man at Valencia, and then to Milan, and finally to Seville.
“I had no idea at what point Adil would be absent, in between matches, training sessions, naps day-to-day “, she says, furthermore, indicating the transition have managed to cope with the presence of the girls hysteria surrounding footballers.
“In Milan, I learned to take on me. (…) There will always be girls younger and prettier than me, I do stresses me more for so many “, she said.

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