Audi could switch to the propulsion

Unlike all its competitors, Audi is not in the rear transmission. But the German brand, from its sports division Audi Sport, could change this view of things. It is in any case that hints at a future the boss of Audi Sport.

Common BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo or Lexus ? The choice between four and two wheel drive with rear gearbox. And you haven’t misread, there is no Audi in the list, as the brand with the rings has always bet on the traction and four-wheel drive on its sports models. The entity took the name of Audi Quattro for cars RS, that is to say, if the awd is anchored in Audi.

Since then, Audi Quattro has changed name and is now called the Audi Sport, a wise choice according to the boss of the division, Stephan Winkelmann, who explained that the name Quattro was no longer appropriate : “we have decided that Quattro could be misleading. Quattro is our system of four-wheel drive and one of the things that has made Audi the brand it is today, but according to us, this was not the right name for the branch sport of the brand. I can imagine that we can also have a cars transmission back in the future”.

The bomb was therefore dropped and this would be a great upheaval at Audi that would then be like its competitors BMW and Mercedes, which offer propulsion on the sports cars. This kind of architecture would in any case rather well in the intermediate models like the RS4 and RS5…

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