Weather : when the lightning hits the road

A storm strikes, it is a big anger of heaven, which may reveal surprises, usually synonymous to damage that give cold sweats to the insurance companies. But the same weather conditions can give shots warm on the road. Both literally and figuratively. And these two facts, all guns blazing, which have been listed next to Dijon, and the other not far from Nice…

Let’s start with one of the Gold Coast before dwelling on the Côte d’azur. It happens in a neighbourhood of Breuil in Chevigny-Saint-Sauveur, at around 21: 30, when a violent thunderstorm descended on the city. Suddenly, a flame giant has formed on the road and promptly disappeared. Fortunately, nobody was riding in the area.

Going further South. It is 17: 00 this time, and the storm is also raging. In the town of Vence, not far from the rond-point, warrant officer Antoine-Baignis, between the road of Cagnes, and the path to the Tower, the lightning, it again, hitting a cypress tree. This last one is located at the edge of a frequently used road. The tree is set on fire instantly.

We could have said the noise of a rocket“, said hotel guests nearby. The fire was under control and there also, no victim is to be deplored. As many reminders when it is time to take the road of holidays…

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