How to see the results of the bac 2017 on his smartphone

The results of the bachelor of 2017 will be published on Wednesday 5 July 2017, the next week. Here’s how to consult them easily from your smartphone.

Date and time of publication of the results

Wednesday 5 July 2017 700 000 candidates will have only one desire : to know they have obtained the bachelor’s degree. The time of publication depends on the academies and series. The zone is indicated on the convocation of the candidates.

The results of the bac général, bac technologique and bac professionnel will be published from 8 h 30 to 13 h, depending on the academies and the series. The results of the French bac and of the events anticipated will be published from 8 July. Finally, the results of the bac of the second group (catch-up) will be known in the afternoon of the passage of the oral, that is to say, the Thursday 6 and Friday 7 July, at the latest, to 17 h.

Where to see the results

In the first place, the bac results will be posted to examination centres. The name of the establishment is also on your invitation. Each candidate should get there the day of the results to retrieve his folder.

But to see its results online, the most obvious solution is the official internet site of the ministry of national Education. But this time, the destination page depends on the academy. This card redirects you to the correct address.

What is the application for Android or iOS to view the results ?

Unfortunately, the sites of the academies are more or less adapted to the smartphones. We can therefore turn to one of the many sites on the internet private with an official license of national education that provide services such as a more modern site that an alert by email or SMS.

We recommend that you for our share of the application “Results reviews 2017” digiSchool, a publisher of sites and applications for education. As often, the free service is supported by advertising and you need to communicate some personal information (email address, industry) that are likely to give rise to the sending of a newsletter. You will be able to unsubscribe later, or you can register with an email address that is temporarily generated on or YOPmail.

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