SwiftKey : gifs, hashtags, shortcuts and new languages

SwiftKey gets all the new features tested in beta and in its new update.

The new final version of SwiftKey is being deployed ! We knew some time ago that the beta would offer new features such as support for GIF, but also the transliteration for new languages, keyboard shortcuts, and the prediction of hashtags, even if they are proved to be not always operational. All these new features make their entrance in the stable version 6.6.2.

The Gifs remain one of the best ways for users to express their emotions, sometimes so much stronger than the émojis. Now, with the virtual keyboard SwiftKey, you will be able to pass as it should your emotions to your contacts. Finally, the transliteration is always handy when you want to use the phonetic rather than the written, the keyboard is in charge of transcribing the text of your message. Novelties that can be also found in other virtual keyboards alternative, such as that of Google, the Gboard.

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