Tablets and laptops in flight : the United States allow it, but double checks

A reversal of the situation once again to the electronic devices larger than smartphones on flights to the United States : they will be allowed in the cabins, but will undergo further verification.

Laptop in airplane

Difficult to follow ? The United States come back on the prohibition of walking around with laptops and tablets in the cabin. However, they allow multiple checks on your aircraft on these flights.

Finally, the laptops and tablets will be able to stay in the cabin during flights to the United States. It is in any case expected to be in the moment, nothing forbids us to think that this will change in some time… It’s now been several months that the country of Uncle Sam wavers in his decisions. This ban has in effect already been applied to the aircraft from the Maghreb and the Middle East, but not from Europe, for example,…

And if the secretary of State of homeland security announced that all travelers could now travel with their electronic devices to get in the United States, this will however increase the number of inspections. The controls will be more frequent, but also more complete on our terminals. These measures relate to the current climate of insecurity and hardening of the rules in the USA. The purpose of this rule is to thwart the attacks, ensure the absence of bomb, put an end to any attempt. This last new still has the time to be shaken up, but mostly, countries should remain consistent to avoid reaching absurd situations such as not being able to leave its aircraft or in the cargo hold or in the cabin…

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