Anne-Sophie Lapix expected at the turn by Léa Salamé and Julian Bugier

Anne-Sophie Lapix expected at the turn by Léa Salamé and Julian Bugier 01/07/2017 at 9:45

Then she will take the orders of the JT of France 2 from the back to the place David Pujadas, Anne-Sophie Lapix would be expected at the turn by his colleagues, and in particular Léa Salamé and Julian Bugier.

The former presenter of “C to You” will-t-she of the bad blood before the new year ? May very well be according to the magazine Here, which says that the journalist will not necessarily be welcomed with open arms in the drafting of France 2.

“Julian Bugier is pissed off not to have got the job and it’s not going to give her a gift,” said a relative.
And to say then that the latter never ceases to criticize Anne-Sophie Lapix in the corridors of France 2 on the ground that the latter would not have shoulders wide enough to present the JT.

“Many see it as a specialist entertainment and feel that it is not cut for the job, slip a close. They are happy to recover a girl nice but at the professional level, they have doubts.”
Tv Recreation of his side claims that Léa Salamé would also be taken into flu his colleague. “Hard to imagine a harmonious cohabitation between these two women with a similar profile of intervieweuses of character,” said the magazine.

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