Brigitte Macron about his family, ” It is true, they have all succeeded “

Brigitte Macron about his family, “It is true, they have all succeeded in” 01/07/2017 at 19:00

The priority of Brigitte Macron is his family, says the magazine, Closer, that offers her this week.

After you have released the photos of the first lady at the beach with his grandchildren and a friend, the weekly people explained that the wife of Emmanuel Macron never fails to respond to compliments “that one does not cease to address to him”.

“It is true, they have all succeeded “, would unleash it in private.
“A cardiologist, an engineer specialized in statistics, a lawyer. And even a president of the republic,” she added.

And more seriously, she was happy that her tribe is expanding birth birth.
“It is past five, Emmanuel, the children and I, at fifteen, twelve years with the grandchildren “, explained it to Candice Nedelec in his book ” The Macron “.

And in parallel, Brigitte Macron is in the process of defining the contours of its role at the Elysée. A charter to guide its activity is in preparation.

During the presidential campaign, her husband said he was in favour of the “status of the first lady”, explaining want to put an end “to a form of hysteria” around a character whose status is not specified by the Constitution.
Brigitte Macron, who “will have his say on what he or she wants to be” had warned the president, work there.

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