Charlene and Albert of Monaco, the horror, a crazy car full Monaco

Charlene and Albert of Monaco, the horror, a crazy car full Monaco 01/07/2017 at 8:41

France on Sunday is back on an event that would have traumatized Charlene of Monaco, and perhaps her husband, who would have immediately thought of a terrorist attack.

“A year after the massacre of 14 July in Nice, one vehicle was dark on the terrace of a restaurant,” reports France Sunday in its edition this week.

And to clarify further that while everyone thought that it was a terrorist attack, it is in fact a “hit british drunk” which was dark in the terrace of a chinese restaurant of the Rock.

The driver has indeed sprayed the terrace of the restaurant Song Qi in the dawn, fortunately without casualties.
The facts are that occurred Saturday morning around 6 hours.

The hit and was struck in the terrace of the chinese restaurant, Song Qi, at 7 avenue Princesse Grace in Monaco.
Then at the wheel of a vehicle type van, the Uk has ” made a embardé that could be fatal “. By chance, the accident occurred at dawn and no pedestrian was injured.

The hit ” had a rate of 2 grams of alcohol in the alcohol “.

“He was placed in police custody. The fire brigade has however, not been necessary, the driver being uninjured “.

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