Evelyne Dhéliat overcomes the loss of her husband thanks to the work

Evelyne Dhéliat overcomes the loss of her husband thanks to the work 01/07/2017 at 19:40

In an interview with “Tv-Star”, Evelyn Dhéliat has evoked not only the forecasts of summer, but it has not failed to be interviewed on the loss of her husband.

The weather channel host of the French tv channel TF1 has lost her husband, Philippe Maraninchi, on 11 April, and was struggling to recover.

She has lost a pillar of his life, his support for almost 50 years, said at the time, a friend of the weather channel host of TF1 to “Paris Match “.

“Philippe, it was her king, her pillar, her age of ten years, confided to a friend. With him, she had her daughter at 21 years of age. They were married and inseparable. He has always answered present in all the difficult moments.”

This death had surprised a lot of people, including his friend Louis Bodin. “Even if I knew it low, it did not give us anything entrusted to the care of particular about these last time,” it said the man weather of the first channel.

Interviewed this week on the loss of her man by “Tele-Star”, the journalist weather has kicked into touch.

“I’m not saying anything about my life, I do not want to make comments. I am seen on the antenna, I work, I’m good, ” she says, noting that for her the weather is is way of not dwelling on the past and move forward day-to-day.

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