Frédéric François victim of a very bad fall – A “sprain of the ligaments of the knees “

Frédéric François victim of a very bad fall – A “sprain of the ligaments of the knees” 01/07/2017 at 20:20

When he returned home belgian after two concerts in France, Frédéric François has been the victim of a very bad fall.

This incident happened in mid-June, at the end of a weekend a little marathon.

“Let’s say that I have sung at Saint-Dizier, Haute-Marne, france, on Saturday the 17th, and chained the next day at Remiremont, in the Vosges,” says the singer, who came home that day very tired.

And just after the performance, he had decided to take the road to find his home in Wanze, near Liège.

“After driving for four or five hours, we arrived finally with us, in the middle of the night. And it turns out that the lights that usually light up automatically at the slightest cat, that prowls have not worked. So, it was a dark night and as I was exhausted, a little bit in the vapes the same, I didn’t pay any attention to this small step that separates the parking lot to the house, that I know yet by heart, ” he said to France on Sunday.

He then explains that his knee was twisted. “I felt a pain appalling, to the point that I fell to the ground”.
In the night, “his knees had doubled in volume “, and had even been woken up by the pain in the morning.
The doctors have diagnosed a big sprain of the ligaments of the knees.

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