Iris Mittenaere and M. Pokora, the first clash ?

Iris Mittenaere and M. Pokora, the first clash ? 01/07/2017 at 15:00

While their relationship is far from to confirm, Iris Mittenaere and M. Pokora, would have had their first clash.

The Miss Universe 2016 is a new time in the spotlight in Oops ! After having asserted in a relationship with Kev Adams, the weekly people, the claims this time blurred with M. Pokora with which would be as a couple.

“First clash with M. Pokora,” the weekly people.

This information is far from credible. The two stars have not been spotted together since their appearance very accomplices of Roland Garros.

They had then had dinner together. The photos of their trip were published by the magazine Public.
The relationship of Iris Mittenaere and M. Pokora, broadcasted by the latest edition of Public, had also been fueled in the context of “She thinks what Stephanie ? “the pre-access C8.

“I think and I hope they will be together” was entrusted to Jean-Philippe Doux, who was on the set of this show.

And its subject is confronted by Francesca Antoniotti, the former candidate of Star Academy, who officiates as a columnist in this program.

“This is great, we are very happy for them because we know they are together. If she is careful, it is for the former, because it is not necessary to make trouble to her ex “, slid.

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