Jenifer would not have the courage to reappear in public

Jenifer would not have the courage to reappear in public 01/07/2017 at 18:20

Jenifer would not have the courage to reappear and would be still traumatized by the car accident involving his van tour that has killed two people, including a former footballer.

The singer was scheduled to make the last 16 may make an appearance on the Week of Refuge from the homophobia of which she is the honorary president.

But in the end, it was not done, regrets that the magazine ” Closer “, which asserts that the pretty brunette has not had the “courage to appear in public”.

The one who would share in the life of a restauranteur from Corsica, a certain Ambrose has preferred to
“get back in Corsica with his loved ones.”

“On the beach of Marinella, Ajaccio, she was enjoying a beautiful day with Joseph, the son she had with Thierry Neuvic. With his older brother, Aaron, the child of almost three years, is the only one able to make him smile,” says the publication, which complements its folder of a few photos.
“Closer” took the opportunity to relay to the confidences of the former coach of “The Voice”.

“I have two loves in life, my two boys’, entrusted to it by the end of 2016 in the pages of the JDD. “They give me so much that I could spend the life to take care of it “, confirmed it again in the pages of “Télé 7 jours”. Be nourished by this love is indestructible, so powerful “.

“This link enables him today to get back on their feet,” said on his side Here.

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