Laetitia Casta pushes a rant after her marriage with Louis Garrel

Laetitia Casta pushes a rant after her marriage with Louis Garrel 01/07/2017 at 10:45

In an interview with Elle, Laetitia Casta refused to speak of her marriage with Louis Garrel, celebrated a few weeks ago in Corsica.

The photos had been unveiled by the magazine Here. They seemed to have been taken by a guest.
“Well, what the Internet world is in turmoil. I remain very calm. I have nothing to say, ” loose-t-when she was asked about her sentimental life.

And when he asked if she was going to make the powder speak, by attacking the magazine Here, the first to reveal the photos of his wedding, the former queen of the catwalk now actress remains discreet.
“Same here, I won’t say anything. The discretion, it is my education, my way of seeing life. I do not have to render accounts to anyone, ” she said.

There is no question of speaking of her romance with Louis Garrel, the man who shares his life for the past two years.
“I will say nothing, says Laetitia. This phenomenon is absurd, oversized… Sometimes the press says anything. This to me has already happened so many times… “.

“I have the luck that it would be shameful of me to complain about. I wanted to be an actress at any cost, I assume the price you pay ” finds the one that is currently on the boards at the side of Raphael Personnaz for Scenes of the married life.

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