L'u.s. army is still reluctant to welcome transgender people

Transgender people will have to wait longer than expected before being able to join the u.s. army. On Friday, the Pentagon announced that the american Defence secretary Jim Mattis had decided to delay 6 months to the opening of the american military, transgender people. The predecessor of Jim Mattis under the Obama administration, Ashton Carter, had decided a year ago that the army should begin to host recruits transgender July 1, 2017. But the process of opening has been delayed, as the different services of the us army not being unanimous on the subject.

The head of the Pentagon Jim Mattis ” has today approved a recommendation of the services to delay the accession of transgender people in the army January 1, 2018 “, said Friday in a statement the Pentagon spokesman Dana White. The services of the american army will ” review their plans for the inclusion of transgender people and assess the impact of this integration on the effectiveness of the armed forces, said the spokesman. Last week, Dana White had explained that the different services – army, air, army, navy, marine corps were not all in agreement among themselves about the timing of the integration of transgender people. “They have expressed different views, some have asked for time… there was any kind of recommendations,” she said to reporters.

“Serving in silence “

According to estimates by the department of Defense, there would be today already 2 500 to 7 000 transgender people among the 1.3 million military active americans. It is the military who have declared their orientation after their integration into the army. Until last year, they could be kicked out of the military if they revealed their orientation. During the wars of recent years, ” men and transgender women have been there with us, even though they often had to serve in silence “, had stressed in 2015 Ashton Carter.

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