Marijuana s'invites to the wedding

“Cannabis is the new champagne” ! According to the website Love and Marij who specializes in weddings with a theme centered on marijuana. It is the latest trend in Colorado in particular, one of the first States to have legalized cannabis for recreational use. In addition to the dispensaries that sell hundreds of varieties of marijuana has created an entire profitable industry : pastry shops offering cakes, cannabis, hotels for tourists smoking rooms, spa flavored and now organizations celebrant of marriages to the grass and selling their services in a professional salon baptized Cannabis Wedding Expo.

According to their preferences, couples can choose dresses made of hemp and silk, buttonhole flower, composed of leaves and buds of cannabis, bouquets decorative by smoking, a buffet with cookies or chocolates to the marijuana, the trays with the joints pre-rolled, scented candles… The most requested : the ” cannabar “. Instead of a counter where one goes to get a glass of wine or glass of champagne, it offers a tasting menu of different varieties of grass. The couple are even sometimes create, for the big day, a special variety…

Soda blueberry cannabis

To avoid shock-beautiful-mom, some couples choose to install the cannabar in a discreet corner. One of them even went so far as to distribute to the guests not very comfortable urine test to ensure that the joints without the THC (the component that has psychoactive properties) that they smoked cigarettes could not be detected if they were to be subjected to a control. Others, on the contrary, have less state of mind. Bec Koop, the patron saint of Irie Weddings & Events, who organised a dozen weddings in the last year, has made a pipe a glass to two pipes a couple smoke together during the ceremony. In another marriage, instead of opening the champagne, it was distributed attached to all the guests and when the bride and groom are entered, all the world has operated his lighter and pulled on his joint, emitting a large cloud of odorant. One of his favorite memories : “A grandmother of 82-year-old, encouraged by his grandson who wanted to try. Bec Koop has made him drink a soda pop at the blueberry containing a small dose of cannabis. An hour later, the old lady déhanchait on the dance floor and she came back to see if she could get more ! ”

Illegal Substance

The marijuana between increasingly accepted in the United States. Last year, four States – California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts – have voted to legalize the sale and consumption of cannabis for recreational use, adding to the five States that have already authorized, including the Colorado, Oregon and Washington State. But, in the eyes of the government, it remains an illegal substance, which complicates the organisation of such marriages. It is necessary to first find a reception room that accepts smokers. It is up to the couple to buy the cannabis and bring it to the florist for she makes her bouquets, due to the lack of a license to sell. Incidentally, the plant needs water and will wilt very quickly, hence the difficulty of bringing it to the buttonhole. The Colorado law prohibits it from carrying more than 56 grams in his car. It is thus necessary to often make multiple trips to supply the ” cannabar “.

In regards to the festival itself, the organizers advise to put on the menu too many foods full of marijuana, because they are manufactured in a traditional manner and the doses are sometimes… unusual. Moreover, the consequences of declaring sometimes two hours later, the guests often make the mistake to eat a lot, in thinking that it does them nothing. Where the importance of hiring a bartender, or rather, a “budman” (pun on the word bud) to explain, advise and keep an eye on the guests. But the big difference compared to a wedding usual, say all the experts, is that the bride is never stressed out !

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