Sophie Davant in tears during his tribute to William Leymergie (video)

Sophie Davant in tears during his tribute to William Leymergie (video) 01/07/2017 at 16:00

Sophie Davant was quite moved by this tribute to William Leymergie, his producer, for his last broadcast.

On the 30th of June last, William Leymergie, in effect, has introduced its latest of Télématin after 32 years of good and loyal services.

A moment of emotion that Sophie Davant has shared with the fans of ” the program “.
“I wanted to greet today the one through whom this show never would have existed. William, who is still among us, but not for much longer, ” she says. We started out in September 98, I was a small blonde who had among other things, the weather, and other programming, but he gave me my chance at the head of this program, which will be 20 years next year “.

“William, who is modest, who is discreet, who has the tear easy and who doesn’t want to see him more closely. So we respect his privacy but it had just want to thank and greet him. It is inflated because he does not want to show his tears, but it is I who’ll show you mine ” continues that sharing the past several years the life of George Ménut, a restaurateur in paris.

“It is obviously a lot of emotion, a long shared adventure, of long discussions to try to propose a program that will seduce you, to renew it month after month, day after day, year after year. This is not simple but it is mainly beautiful memories in common, beautiful, crazy laughter and beautiful engueulades ” she says.
William Leymergie has finally decided to enter the field of the camera to embrace Sophie Davant and drying her tears.
“Full of success and full of beautiful things for the future. It’s nice to not want to show his tears, but it is not easy for the others, not more “then,” she says.

This is the program : Sophie Davant tribute by closer

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