United states : the commission Donald Trump on the election fraud raises releases

The american States do not want to of the national commission tasked by Donald Trump to investigate potential election fraud. Some of them were even given a no-go Friday of that body created by the president after the presidential election in November 2016. After that several media outlets have announced that the democrat Hillary Clinton had won the popular vote in the election, the american leader had proclaimed that between 3 and 5 million people had actually voted illegally on November 8 of last year, a figure supported by no formal study.

On 11 may, Donald Trump has created by a decree a ” consultative board on the integrity of elections “, whose mission is to formulate recommendations on the registration of voters on the lists and the voting procedures. For this purpose, the vice-president of the commission, Kris Kobach, wrote Wednesday to all 50 States in the u.s. to ask them to send the list of their voters, as well as their addresses, dates of birth, affiliations, partisan, criminal records, the last four digits of social security number, and the history of electoral participation. The voters lists are documents that are considered public, and the parties or companies gain regularly. In the United States, the elections are organised by the federated States, the federal government has only a limited role of assistance.

A waste of public money, to some

The are responsible for at least 13 States, democrats and republicans, have rejected fully or partially the request of the commission, is justified by the protection of the private life, or by the refusal of potentially collaborate in an attempt at a federal write off of the electors, such as California, New York or Indiana. “Kentucky will not help a commission, which, at best, it wastes public money and, at worst, seeks to legitimize the attempts of write-off of voters in the country,” argued the secretary of State of Kentucky, democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes.

A battle has been taking place for several years at the level of States on the electoral fraud. Claiming that these frauds are prevalent, the republicans have passed laws toughening the conditions of voting, for example, by requiring the presentation of a photo id to vote. The democrats consider that this type of measure is intended to reduce the participation of minorities, particularly Blacks, for a long time discriminated against at the polls in the South. Some people don’t have car or driving licence, which is the identification of the most prevalent in the United States ; permits are also generally pay and must be renewed after several years.

In the campaign, Donald Trump had warned that the election might be stolen. After his victory, so he said that millions of people without the right to vote had voted. The republican lost the popular vote against Hillary Clinton, but he won in the indirect elections, the only one that counts according to the Constitution.

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