Barcelona, Neymar : “upon my arrival, I was ashamed to talk about in the locker room”

The brazilian striker is back this Sunday on his arrival in a locker room filled with stars.

The brazilian striker is back on his arrival at FC Barcelona, the young player was already a star in his country of origin. But in a locker room with Leo Messi, Xavi, Iniesta or Piqué, Neymar has had to take a little time before to acclimate.


In an interview with Leandrinho, a player of the Barça of Curicica, Neymar spoke about his arrival at Barça : “I do not say that my adaptation was difficult in the locker room Barça to my arrival, but the first month was tough. This is a great situation because when I went in and I saw Messi, Xavi, Iniesta or Piqué. I thought I was in a video game before I played the console with them and there they were next to me, “he said.

Neymar has also confessed how much he was impressed on his arrival : “in The beginning, I was ashamed to speak with them. This are my idols and I had just arrived and I was very young, “he confessed.

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