Brigitte Macron ” not ” let his marriage dissolve in the rush policy

Brigitte Macron ” not ” let his marriage dissolve in the rush policy 02/07/2017 at 21:20

Even if it receives six times more letters than Carla Bruni and Valérie Trierweiler, Brigitte Macron ” keep a cool head “, written Closer in its edition this week.

People magazine revealed photos of the first lady at le Touquet surrounded by his family. Since his entry into the Elysée palace, following the victory of her husband to the presidency of the republic, Brigitte Macron would not have changed his habits.

This connection is also strengthened by the magazine Here, which is also to honor the first lady.
“She was accessible before the election, and she intends to stay,” according to a family member who says ” off ” in Here.

“The function of her husband disrupts their daily lives, but for her, not let their relationship dissolve in the rush policy. The air of nothing, Brigitte eve and preserves. She wants to continue to organize dinners with family and friends, as they have always done, ” continues this intimate.

Emmanuel and Bridget Macron would also have made the sort among their friends and would have kept the old. “There are so many who are knocking at the door today, and where we laugh a lot besides,” says an intimate of Bernard Montiel.

“Brigitte smiled but you do him no. She very quickly understood and adopted the codes of his new life, and wishes to remain mistress of the game. Defend his man in the case of a quack policy and above all, do not let her get away from her “, written Here.

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